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Yoga Holiday Retreat: Yoga, Healthy Food, Transfers, Activities & Tours
What is included in Yoga Holiday Retreat?
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Yoga Retreat Holiday in Thailand

Come enjoy CC's Yoga Holiday Retreat Program including the gorgeous beaches, amazing nature hikes, super-nutritiously delicious foods, attentive yoga instructors and so much more.

Our yoga retreats are designed for those who need a change of environment, some exercise and an escape from the stresses of everyday life. 

We help to promote happiness through relaxation, meditation, physical exercise, and healthy food.  For those wanting some adventure or to experience more of Phuket we also offer fully inclusive retreats with eco adventures, tours and activities.  Meditation and Yoga are two of the most popular exercises for stress relief.  Meditation is known to overcome negativity and replace it with hopeful disposition.  Through yoga and meditation our students become stronger and learn how to master their emotions. 

Our yoga retreats are year round and you are welcome to start any day of your choosing! 

We offer a relaxed and nurturing environment to inspire you!

Currently available Programs and Packages:

 Yoga Holiday Retreat

Our guests come from different parts of the world, with various goals and hopefully CC’s can help you achieve some whether simply to relax or an increased self-realization.  Our guests often arrive alone but return home with friends for life.  We bring to the Holiday Retreat program Thai tradition and culture, visits to Buddhist temples, culinary Thai cooking classes and great interaction with our guides and yoga masters. 

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Tropical Christmas Wellness & Advnetures Retreat

22. December 2023- 5. January, 2024

Our special Christmas Program is available limited period of the year. We have included the most thrilling adventures, luxury island escapes and evaluated programs to inspire you. This program will include a blend of the activities we offer throughout the year, though some with some enhancements, plus several newly developed activities.

For more details please check our PDF Brochure or Special Offers page:

What is included in ongoing Yoga Holiday Retreat Program?

Below we present our weekly schedule. For every full day of your Holiday will need to choose between the A or B option, some day will have also alternative options. You can choose Porgram A for Wednesday, Program B for Thursday and Program A for Friday - you design your Holiday! 
Once your Yoga Retreat has been booked, the retreat activities or retreat day can be modified with another program of equal value but not cancelled.

Every Full day of your Yoga Retreat you get:

  • 2 yoga classes and meditation: for descriptions of our classes and current schedule please visit our Yoga Studio page.
  • 3 meals daily: Breakfast, Healthy Lunch and Dinner
  • Cold pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie daily
  • Massage, Detox, Spa: see Program below
  • Activity of the Day: Eco Adventures, Tours, Cooking Class, Food Workshop, special Yoga Classes - see Program below




  •  Private Airport Transfer or Transfer from any location within Phuket Island
  • Retreat Consultation
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Sunset Yoga Session
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery


  • Morning Yoga Session
  • Breakfast
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Private Airport Transfer or Transfer from any location within Phuket Island


  • Beach Yoga Session
  • Breakfast
  • Koh Lone Island Adventure 
  • Snorkeling, sunbathing
  • Island Jungles Trekking to Waterfall
  • Thai Dessert cooking with villagers
  • Fisherman Village walking Tour
  • Lunch picnic style
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Sunset Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery

Every second week we offer our new Eco Adventure - Island Discovery: Koh Yao & Koh Hong.


  • Morning Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Breakfast
  • Thai Massage 60 min
  • Lunch in Prana Eatery
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Interactive Chakra Activation Workshop (2 hours)
  • Sunset Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery

Alternative Program Options:

Fitness Day with Aerial Yoga | 4 Waters Day | Energy Healing | Personal Healing TCM Day | Beauty Day | Private Surfing Day | Colon Cleanse Day | Elephants Day (extra charge)



  • Morning Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Breakfast
  • Big Buddha Jungle Trekking
  • Chalong Temple visit
  • Lunch at Farm-to-Table Restaurant
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Sunset Beach Yoga Session
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery

YOGA DAY Program B

  • Morning Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Breakfast
  • Yoga Fundamentals Workshop with leading yoga teacher (90 min)
  • Lunch in Prana Eatery
  • Restorative Yoga Session
  • Sunset Beach Yoga Session
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery

Alternative Program Options:

Sound Healing | Holisitic Day | Personal Healing TCM Day | Private Surfing Day | Private Yoga Day | Beauty Day | Colon Cleanse Day | Elephants Day (extra charge)



  • Morning Yoga Session
  • Breakfast
  • Desert Island Eco tour - Bon Island
  • Longtail Boat Ride
  • Snorkelling, Beach Activities
  • Picnic style lunch on the beach
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Sunset Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Seafood Dinner (pre-order day before)​


  • Morning Yoga Session
  • Breakfast
  • Organic Farm Tour and Viewpoint with Chef
  • Thai Cuisine Cooking Class with Chef
  • Lunch & Cooking tasting
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Sunset Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Seafood Dinner (pre-order day before)

Alternative Program Options:

Energy Healing | Personal Healing TCM Day | Private Surfing Day | Private Yoga Day | Beauty Day | Colon Cleanse Day | Elephants Day (extra charge)


4 WATERS DAY Program A

  • Morning Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Breakfast
  • 4 Waters Eco Adventure:
  • Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary trekking, Waterfall fresh water bathing
  • Mangrove Rivers Trekking and kayaking
  • Rainforest National Park Trekking, Waterfall Freshwater Swimming
  • Traditional Thai Food Lunch in National Park
  • Hotsprings Beach Resort visit: bathe in hot springs, cold plunge
  • Sunset on remote beach
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery

SPA DAY Program B

  • Morning Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Breakfast
  • SPA Visit: 2 - 2,5 hours Program of your choice in award-wining SPA Centre.
  • Lunch in Prana Eatery
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Sunset Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery

Alternative Program Options:

Energy Healing | Personal Healing TCM Day | Private Surfing Day | Private Yoga Day | Beauty Day | Colon Cleanse Day | Elephants Day (extra charge)



  • Morning Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Breakfast
  • Phuket Lookouts Tour:
  • Kata/Karon Lookout, Windmill Lookout, Cape Promthep
  • Black Rock Viewpoint trekking, Ya Nui Beach
  • Lunch in Farm-to-Table Restaurant
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Sunset Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery


  • Beach Yoga Session
  • Breakfast
  • Free time / Beach time (or Aerial Yoga / Muay Thai extra charge)
  • Lunch in Prana Eatery
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Mandala Art Therapy and Oracle Session (2hrs)
  • Sunset Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Om Meditation
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery

Alternative Program Options:

Fitness Day with Aerial Yoga or Muay Thai Boxing | Big Buddha Day | Energy Healing | Personal Healing TCM Day | Private Surfing Day | Private Yoga Day | Beauty Day | Colon Cleanse Day | Elephants Day (extra charge)



  • Morning Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Breakfast
  • "The Phuket Rites of Passage" Adventure:
  • Meditation in Buddhist Monastery
  • Rainforest Trekking
  • Zipline & Canopy Adventure
  • Lunch in Farm-to-Table Restaurant
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Sunset Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery


  • Night before - Colon Cleanse Drink
  • Nutritional green Superfoods Cleanse Drink
  • Morning Yoga Class
  • Chi-Nei-Tsang Detox Massage 30 min
  • Alkalizing superfood smoothie bowl
  • Specially formulated detox lunch
  • Holistic Consultation with post-cleanse information and guidelines
  • Superfood Drink
  • Evening Yoga Class
  • Steam Room & Ice Bath, Bentonite Clay Detox Scrub (self administrated)
  • Specially formulated detox dinner
  • Intestinal Cleanser Drink

Alternative Program Options:

 4 Waters Day | Energy Healing | Botanic Day | Private Surfing Day | Private Yoga Day | Beauty Day | Colon Cleanse Day | Elephants Day (extra charge)



  • Morning Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Breakfast
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Free time / Beach time
  • Lunch in Prana Eatery
  • Old Town Cultural Heritage Tour:
  • Visit beautiful Buddhist temple, Old Town Cultural Heritage walking Tour, Sunday Old Town Street Market, Thai Fruits and Snacks tasting, Phuket City Viewpoint Visit
  • Dinner in famous Thai Restaurant with City view


  • Morning Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Breakfast
  • Chakra Awareness Meditation Session
  • Free time / Beach time
  • Lunch in Prana Eatery
  • Cold-pressed Juice or Artisan Smoothie
  • Deep Healing Sound Bath Group Session
  • Sunset Yoga Session in the Studio
  • Dinner in Prana Eatery

Alternative Program Options:

Big Buddha Day | Botanic Day | Energy Healing | Private Surfing Day | Private Yoga Day | Beauty Day | Colon Cleanse Day | Elephants Day (extra charge)

Program Details: Our Yoga Holiday Retreats are almost entirely inclusive.


CC’s is an oasis for guests seeking a respite from the crowds and noise from the more urban locations as well as those seeking a Yoga Retreat or a Wellness Holiday. Our natural setting combined with CC’s amenities, friendly customer service, and beautifully designed facilities makes it easy to relax and enjoy your vacation. Uniquely decorated rooms and vibrant, fresh colors that are hip and cool. Feature modern accommodations infused with traditional and modern Thai furnishings with magnificent views towards Kata beach and the Andaman Sea. You can choose any of the Room types for your Yoga Retreat.

Meals & Juices

All meals are included with Yoga Holiday package. The following beverages are included as well as: coffee, tea, water, and a selection of cold-pressed Juices and Artisan Smoothies.

Prana Eatery welcomes you to experience delicious, wholesome, nutritious, and natural foods that have been carefully and freshly prepared.  With attention to local sourcing of quality organic foods, ecological sustainability and support of small family farms our Wellness Chef and certified nutritionist, Nastasia Leaf, brings a dedication to provide culinary inspiration to our guests that is heavily oriented to bringing wellness through good nutrition. Our Head Chef Noom offers modern Thai Cuisine adapted to contemporary wellness standards.

Breakfast at CC’s is a breakfast buffet with wide range of vegetarian options. Lunch and dinner can be any two items off our a la carte Menu, excursion menu or if a buffet is served, it will be all you can eat. You will find there great choice of raw, vegan and vegetarin options. On Activity days you will visit Farm-to-table restaurants, famous authentic thai restaurants, local restaurants in Phuket and Phang-Nga.  A cold-pressed fresh juice of your choosing or healthy smootie will be served each day of your Yoga Retreat.


Yoga classes are typically offered in our Rooftop Yoga Studio or other nearby beaches and parks unless an excursion is indicated. Most of the yoga classes include guided asana practice, pranayama, meditation, mantra and chanting. Our Instructors make everyone feel welcome, no matter if first timer or experienced. They always have an eye on the participants and help and support if needed. You can't be reunited with nature more than when doing yoga, watching the sunset and listening to the birds in the Rooftop Studio. 


Check-in / Check-out Days with roundtrip Airport Transfer or transfer from other hotels in Phuket, ferry pier, or bus station. Transportation to all Activities listed in the Program are included, as well as daily hourly Beach Shuttle from 9 am to 9 pm. You will have easy acces to 3 finest Phuket Beaches: Kata Noi, Kata Yai & Karon Beach.

Eco Adventures

These Adventures are ideal for people who like to hike, enjoy the flora and fauna of the Rainforest or who enjoy breathtaking views. Big Buddha Jungle Trek begins on the slopes of the mountain where Big Buddha sits and takes you to Phuket’s Big Buddha. There you can explore and enjoy the best views in Phuket, get Monk's blessings and see wild monkeys. 4 Waters Eco Adventure is a special way to see a different side of Phuket and Phang-Nga. This trip takes you off the beaten path away from the touristy areas and you may find your self alone in any one of these exceptional area.  This all inclusive day trip lets you explore different ecosystems from the ocean to waterfalls - mangrove and rainforests.  You'll have a chance to swim in four kinds of water: fresh water, sea water, hot springs water and ice cold water.


Every Phuket visitor should go for a Day trip to one of the dozens Desert Islands around Phuket. As part of Yoga Retreat Program we offer Bon Island visit.

Visitors may not realise that Phuket has a rich and varied history, although you can't find many signs of this while enjoying the beach. Our exclusive Old Town Tour starts in the evening and lets you discover the historical and cultural heritage that Phuket has to offer. 

Cooking Classes and Workshops

One of the Days of Yoga Retreat offers Thai Cuisine Cooking Class at Prana Eatery with Organic Farm Tour. You can learn how to cook famous Thai Dishes with our Chef Noom. During Organic Farm Tour learn and taste thai herbs, vegetables and spices.

Mandala Art Therapy & Oracle Session:

Discover yourself through art at our Mandala Art Therapy Workshop. In just 2 hours, led by a Reiki Master, you'll learn to create a sacred dot mandala on canvas, with color and pattern choices reflecting your character and mindset. Plus, delve into self-discovery as you pick oracle and tarot cards, receiving insightful interpretations. A unique, soul-nurturing experience awaits.

Chakra Activation Workshop:

Embark on a transformative journey with our Chakra Activation Workshop. This interactive experience explores chakra theory and practical techniques. We will incorporate meditation, breathing exercises, singing bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, crystals, aromatherapy, color therapy, mantras, affirmations, metaphorical cards, Oracle cards. Additionally, we will practice harmonizing and activating energy centers (nail bed Sadhu practice, massage gun, meridian massage pen, electrical stimulation of chakras on palms and feet). Discover how these tools enhance your connection with your inner energy and empower you to set intentions for personal growth.

You always have chocie to try something new: Aerial Yoga, Muay Thai Boxing, Deep Healing Sound Bath.

Detox & SPA

Your journey to better wellbeing starts with Easy Cleanse Day. A day full of detox and cleanse drinks, special customized meal plan. Steam Room and Ice bath, Bentanite Clay Scrub, Chi-Nei-Tsang Detox Massage and Holstic Consultation. 

Rejuvenate your body with our natural spa and massage treatments. Classic Thai Massage, Javanese Aroma Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil Massages, Aloe Vera wrap, Srubs, Indian Head Massage, Thai Herbal Compress, Reflexology and many other treatments await you at CC's Hideaway and other SPA centers.

Alternative Program options available:

Energy Healing Day

Experience the magic of healing energy at our renowned retreat center. Our Energy Healing Day offers a transformative journey led by our expert practitioners. Whether you're new to Reiki and Sound Healing or a seasoned enthusiast, you'll be captivated by our practitioners' personal touch and the extraordinary benefits of these ancient practices. Each day, you have the opportunity to select from a variety of energy healing treatments, allowing you to discover profound relaxation, balance, and rejuvenation.

Reiki - Chakra Balancing
An energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.
- Private Session 1 hour
- Thai Massage 1 hour

Sound Healing
Discover this ancient healing technique that utilizes tonal frequencies to harmonize and vibrate your body. Gain a deeper understanding of your chakra energy system and the significance of restoring its balance.
- Private Session 1 hour
- Thai Massage 1 hour

Brain wave Entrainment
This technique that uses sound and vibration pulses of different frequencies to aid in meditation. By emitting distinct sounds in each ear, brain wave entrainment encourages the brain to enter various states of consciousness, leading to relaxation, deep sleep, and improved focus. 
- Private Session 1 hour
- Thai Massage 1 hour

Private Yoga Day

Private Yoga Class is especially suitable for timid beginners, expecting mothers, those suffering from injuries or students looking to intensify areas of their practice. The class will be tailored to your limitations, injuries and level of practice by our experienced yoga teacher. 90 minutes session will include meditation, asana practice and pranayama. We recommend this program to start your retreat program and it is offered any day of the week.

Personal Healing TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine center visit offers combination of ancient healing techniques with modern medicine. Brand new luxurious facility, professional licensed doctors, excellent guest services will make this experience highlight of your retreat. We offer 2 packages as part of our yoga holiday retreat program:

Acupuncture Package

  • TCM diagnosis and doctor consultation (15 min)
  • Acupuncture (30-45 min)
  • Tuina Massage (30 min)

Cupping Package

  • TCM diagnosis and doctor consultation (15 min)
  • Cupping (30-45 min)
  • Tuina Massage (30 min)

Beauty Day

You will get different choices of beauty treatments based on your preference:

  • Our Wellness SPA beauty package: Facial, Full Body natural scrub and Massage
  • Our partner SPA: Facial Treatment and Nail Spa Service using high-quality products and plant-based hand care. The choice of classic and gel manicure & pedicure.
  • TCM Clinic: Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Treatment Aura Light: Cleansing, Facial Steam, Scrub, Facial Massage & Acupressure, Gua Sha, Mask.

Botanic Day

Start by learning about the herbs and flowers at Organic Farm and continue explore flora in the jungles. Afterwards head to a glasshouse where we will learn how plants, leaves and flowers leave their shape and marks on fabric. The techinque called Hapa Zome or Eco Printing Workshop. 

Natural dyeing is a great way to get creative; and like some other crafts, it can be quite time-consuming. After much time and patience the results will speak for themselves. After the Workshop enjoy homemade cake and herbal drinks with a breathtaking view over Kata Bay and Big Buddha.

Private Surfing Day

Private lesson begin with understanding the aquatic and swim history of each new surfer. Understanding the waves, weather conditions and respecting currents is a must. Then we start to practice standing up on the board. Once you get the hang of it, we get into the water and start on the small waves close to shore with your instructor right next to your board. You begin safely laying down on your board and wait to feel the movement of the water.  Then we start moving you up on your knees and before you know it, you’re up and surfing. 

When you get that first wave, you may be hooked! The lesson duration is 90 minutes and the surf board is yours for the whole day.

Elephant Sanctuary Day

Available for 10+ Days Programs and shorter Programs with extra charge.

Eye-opening and inspiring experience at pioneering ethical elephant tourism establishment on the island. Phuket Elepehant Sanctuary rescue sick, injured and old elephants who spent their entire lives working in the logging and tourism industries. 

Your visit starts at Sanctuary Tree Top Lounge, where we will show you an educational video documentary to prepare you for your encounter with the elephants. Next up, you will feed the elephants. While they enjoy their baskets of fruits, you have a chance to learn from our guides about the background of each elephant. 

We then venture into the sanctuary and explore Thailand’s longest canopy walkway as well as several natural trails to locate the elephants, and to observe them forage and bathe freely. By keeping a safe and respectful distance, the elephants have the freedom to express their natural behavior, from bathing and play- ing in ponds and rivers to socializing with each other.

We will make an effort to accommodate any special requests.



Our Yoga Holiday Retreat is All inclusive. The price of Retreat Package is based on dynamic seasonal accommodation rate and static full day of retreat rate which is 115-120 USD. We offer very flexible duration of the program. 

The rates are available in PDF file:


4 - 14 Days Yoga Holiday Retreat 2023

15 - 27 Days Yoga Holiday Retreat 2023


4 - 9 Days Yoga Holiday Retreat, Rates 2024

10 - 18 Days Yoga Holiday Retreat, Rates 2024

19 - 27 Days Yoga Holiday Retreat, Rates 2024

To check the rate in any period please click "BOOKING" here or on the top right corner of this page and choose your desired travel dates and number of retreat participants to see the rate. If you have any question please email us or message in Whatsapp: +66 63 081 9422

We offer Yoga Holiday Retreat Packages with Standard and Ocean View Rooms (click show more under each Room type if you dont see the package rate).

We offer Yoga Holiday Retreats with Triple Accommodation in our Family Rooms (Triple Standrd Room) for 3 persons. Check the price and availbility by clicking Booking link and look for Family Room Accommodation. 

In order to arrange Yoga Group Accommodation, please contact



Our Yoga Holidays Retreat program is designed with flexibility in mind so that you can make the most of your time in Phuket.  First you chose the start day of the program, with the excursions, tours, activities or other wellness related programs we offer.   If you decide you want some days off during your retreat we can accommodate that but we will need to make a custom booking.  The general rule is that any breaks need to be a minimum of 2 days long and between periods of the retreat having at least 2 FULL days both before and after the break.  These breaks do not include checking out and back in unless it is on a tour with CC’s Hideaway.

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