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CC’s Eco Tours

CC's Eco Tours - TAT License 34/01622

CC’s Eco Tours are primarily focused on eco adventures - tours designed to have you enjoy the local ecology.


Our Tour offerings are based on the concept "True - Local - Eco". Most of our eco adventures require a fair amount of physical activity - whether it be for example kayaking or hiking. We offer also Tours to explore Local Culture and Local Food.

We evaluate safety, ethics, guide attentiveness and communication skills, as well as overall tour quality and value. We avoid: animal exploitation, mass tourism, and consumerism. Most of our clients on any CC’s eco tour are our yoga retreat and hotel guests; so we hope you understand that means we are quite committed to upholding the CC’s Eco- tour experience. We operate our tours only in small groups.

Our tour offerings are pretty unique and lots of fun.  The offerings featured here on our website are only a small portion of our offerings.  Here on our webpage we focus on the combination of our own custom staff-guided tours (CC’s Exclusive) and tours from local area vendors that we have a very high degree of confidence in. 

With many local services, there are many layers of middlemen that we try to avoid that due to the inherent lack of accountability and maintenance of standards.  We generally use our own staff drivers and vehicles also.  This is also done to improve safety and customer service.   We carefully maintain our vehicles and our staff drivers have excellent track records.  We want our customers to feel safe and secure so that they can fully enjoy their tour experience.  For all CC’s exclusive tours are commission-free, unless specifically stated.  This means that our employees are not going to try to sweet talk you into buying things from third party vendors along the way.   Their job is to focus on our guests and we take various precautions to ensure they do.   Most of our customers on any CC’s Exclusive tour are our hotel guests; so we hope you understand that means we are quite committed to the CC’s Exclusive tour experience.


Eco Adventures


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