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Our Philosophy of hospitality:
Do unto our guests; employees, suppliers and our earth as we would them do unto us.

Our History:

CC Bloom’s Hotel opened in 2005 and since 2009 under the same management and owners CC's has been transformed into CC’s Hideaway, a 42-room luxury full service hotel.  Under the same management and ownership, CC’s has been nearly completely recreated with improved and expanded facilities.

In summary - Same Same – But Much Better!

The Re-Creation: CC’s has been redesigned to reduce its ecological impact while also improving its look and feel for our guests.

Green Initiatives:  
We have installed special water filtration and catchments systems, an array of LED lighting and are utilizing solar panels to heat water.  For our room furniture we have chosen to use only the finest farm grown teak available in the area.  The use of teak is closely monitored by the Thai government to avoid the deforestation that has taken place across South East Asia in the past.  The teak is “green” not only in how it is farmed but it is durable in terms of being insect resistant and not affected by moisture.  This durability is evidenced by the ancient teak houses and barns that one sees across rural Thailand.

Staff Initiatives:
Every effort was made to retain all the same friendly staff our regular guests have come to adore.   During the shutdown for renovations all staff were offer continued employment.  Since there was not any guests to take care of the staff completed English language, food preparation, systems and various types of guest service training.   

Cultural initiatives:
As part of the re-creation of CC's we have travelled to various parts of Thailand searching for skilled artisans of handmade objects. We have worked closely with many of these artists on the design of works especially tailored for the beautification of CC’s including everything from upholstery fabric, furniture, decorative pottery, etc. Inspiration has come from details in various temples across the country as well as from the trendy art scene in Phuket town.   Many things in CC's are not to be found anywhere else.   In working directly with the artists, we have helped support a traditional lifestyle that stretches back centuries. In the home, the women (and some men) work at handcrafts to provide additional cash for the family. Whether it is weaving, furniture making, carving, pottery, or glaze production, the endless cleverness and industry of the Thai family prevails.  In line with United Nations goals and our personal goal to maintain cultural diversity in world of global brand domination, CC's is doing its part to maintain and preserve a sustainable rural lifestyle here in Thailand, that has for the most part, disappeared around the world. We invite our guests to help support these artists and craft people.

Local Sourcing:
Other improvements include the addition of Thai grown coffee, an expanded menu featuring predominantly locally grown organically grown vegetables and fruits, as well as the addition of many northern European and northern Thai dishes.

LGBT Community Support:
CC's Hideaway is proud to support the local LGBT community, for more information Click Here



Address: CC's Hideaway
36 Patak Soi 10, PO Box 18 , Karon Post Office, Karon, Phuket
Tel.: +66 76 333 222 | Fax.: +66 76 333 234