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Holistic Detox

​​Escape to the tropical Phuket island to give your body an opportunity to cleanse and revitalize. 

What makes our Detox Programs so special, is that it's formulated by certified nutritionist & wellness chef to help you reconnect with your authentic self, balance your relationship with food, rejuvenate and reset your body and mind.

Our Holistic Detox Programs is a lovely mix of balanced nutrition, superfoods enriched cleanse drinks, guided meditations and mindfullness practises, yoga and energy healing sessions, massage treatments, island adventures, all in a perfect balance to help you to restore your inner balance, enhance the mind, nourish the body and give you every reason you need to celebrate life. 

Choose from a range of our transformative programs that are designed to meet your individuality, promote health, weight loss and wellness.

Holistic Cleanse Day

Nutritionally balanced & delicious detox cleanse day - a moderate cleanse perfect for the first time detox experience, focuses on natural detoxing of our physical and emotional self with a plant-based meals, superfood drinks, alkaline cold pressed juices, natural supplements. 

Sample of the Cleanse Day Program

07:30 - Detox Chlorophyll Drink
07:30 - Fresh Coconut
08:00 - Morning Yoga Class
09:45 - Abdominal Chi-Nei-Tsang Massage
10:30 - Specially formulated detox breakfast
11:00 - Wheatgrass shot
11:30 - Initial Private Nutritional Consultation with certified Nutritionist
13:00 - Specially formulated detox lunch
13:30 - Cold-pressed Juice or Superfood Drink
14:30 - Nutrition Follow-up with with take-home guidelines
16:00 - All Senses Meditation - mindfulness practice to enrich your unitive experience of all five senses and deeply connect with your body
17:00 - Detox Fiber Cleanse Drink
17:30 - Evening Yoga Class
19:00 - Specially formulated detox dinner
21:30-22:00 - Liver Flush Drink
21:00-22:00 - Detox Skin Brushing with our special handmade body detox herbal mix

Receive a detailed evaluation of your health through holistic nutrition,  including current diet and medical history analysis, and follow up wellness guidelines. 

5, 7 or 9 Days Holistic Detox, Stress Relief & Lifestyle Reset

All the days of the program you will have our signature superfoods & cleanse drinks, alkalising chlorophyll drinks, nourishing food with a variety of plant-powered meals: organic salads, probiotic enriched vegetables, detox broths, raw vegan desserts, herbal teas, cold pressed juices and smoothies. 

Our nutritionist incorporated delicious superfoods and holistic supplements which helps to alkalize your body, eliminate toxins from your gut, liver and kidneys, stimulate lymphatic system, and support body's natural healing processes.

Inclusions for the Holistic Detox Program*

  • Welcome Gift Set with sustainable refill bottle, exfoliating brush, handmade body detox herbal mix  
  • Program and Resort Orientation, Health Questionnaire, Ph test 
  • Daily Blood Pressure check
  • Initial Private Nutritional Consultation and Daily Check-in with certified Nutritionist to tailor the program to your specific needs and requirements 
  • Follow-up Nutritional Consultation with take-home guidelines
  • Daily Set of Detox Drinks incl. Chlorophyl Drink, Wheatgrass shot, Coconut Water, Fiber Cleanse Drink, Liver Flush Drink, Detox Smoothies and Cold-pressed Juices
  • All Detox Meals customized on your health condition, dietary requirements and detox goals. Mostly plant-based menu with optional vegetarian / pescatarian dishes, made with local and organic ingredients 
  • Unlimited Potassium- rich Broth and Collagen Broth throughout the day
  • Abdominal Massage 60 min (Chi-Nei-Tsang)
  • Traditional Thai Massage or Javanese Aroma Massage 60 min
  • Detox Skin Brushing with our special handmade body detox herbal mix
  • Mindfulness Journal 
  • Unlimited Group Yoga and Meditation Sessions based on weekly Program inclusive: Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Beach Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Muay Thai for beginners, Sound Bath, Chakra Awareness Meditation. Minimum available 2 classes per day. 

Please note that program inclusions may change depending on the days of stay. 

Benefits of Holistic Detox

- Better Connection with Your Body
- Decrease Cravings
- Reduce Inflammation & Promotes Cellular rejuvenation
- Improved Immune & Metabolic Systems Function 
- Increased Energy & Productivity
- Reduced Stress & More Peaceful State of Being
- Increased enthusiasm and motivation
- More Flexible & Toned Body

Holistic Detox Programs will allow you to detoxify your body in a balanced and sustainable way, and improve the quality of your life. 


" Anastasia, thank you for all your kindness and support during the detox program. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but it was the best experience ever! You are a walking encyclopedia of health and wellness,I learned so much about myself and nutrition as part of my body healing. I especially enjoyed your healthy and yummy raw food classes. I’m trying to lead a healthy life back home and cooking some of the recipes you sent. I’ve lost a little more weight and I’m feeling good." - Tina, UK.

" Wanted to extend my warmest thanks for your support during the week I was in detox. While I've never crapped so much in my life, I feel the effects of the program were very useful. Not only for the detox and delicious plant based meals, but also for the overall jumpstart I needed to get my health back on track. I really missed my life as an athlete and all of the benefits associated. Now with better health the focus is on maintaining these results and improving my body fat numbers. I really just want to say thanks again Anastasia for all you did to start this process. I've been needing to do this for at least 8 or 9 years.” - Quinton, AU.

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