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CC's Anytime Yoga Retreats & Holidays

Our yoga retreat is designed for those who need a change of environment and an escape from the stress of everyday life. 

We help to overcome life issues through relaxation, meditation, physical exercise, healthy food and eco adventures.  Meditation and Yoga are two of the most popular exercises for stress relief.  Meditation is known to overcome negativity and replace it with hopeful disposition.  Through yoga and meditation our students become stronger.  They learn how to master their emotions.

We offer a relaxed and nurturing environment to inspire you. Our Retreat program gives you choices, whether the start time of the program, food, lessons, excursions or other wellness programs. We believe that only in balance with nature can you find internal peace.  

Our guests come from different parts of the world, but all have one goal – self-realization.  Our guests often arrive alone but return home with friends for life.  We bring to the program Retreat Thai tradition and culture, visits to Buddhist temples, culinary Thai cooking classes and great interaction with our guides and yoga masters.   Welcome to the “land of smiles”.  Welcome to CC’s Hideaway.   Our yoga retreats are year round and you are welcome to start any day of your choosing! 

What is included in the Program?

Below we present our weekly schedule. For some days will need to choose between the A or B option.  If there are some days that you would to not participate, that is fine also.  You will be only charged for the days you choose to participate.   If your schedule does not allow you to be here on a particular day you want we may still have the ability to arrange that day’s schedule for you (please arrange this by email at  Also if you are with a group we can also make further modifications.  For additional details of the program and how to book, please see below. 

Once your Yoga Retreat has been booked, the retreat activities or retreat day can be modified with another program of equal value but not cancelled.

Every Full day of your Yoga Retreat you get:

- 2 yoga classes and meditation: for descriptions of our classes please look our Yoga Studio page.

- 3 meals daily: Breakfast, Healthy Lunch and Dinner

- Fresh Squeezed Juice or Healthy Mix daily

- Massage, Detox, Spa: see Program below

- Activity of the Day: Eco Adventures, Tours, Cooking Class, special Yoga Classes - see Program below

What is included in each Yoga Retreat Full day:

Monday - Program A - Fitness Day

Hatha Yoga Session in the Studio


Surf House visit (one hour)

Martial Art Class in the Studio or Aerial Yoga

Lunch in Refuge Restaurant

Fresh Juice or Healthy Mix

Vinyasa Yoga Session in the Studio

Dinner in Refuge Restaurant

Monday - Program B - Detox Day

Hatha Yoga Session in the Studio


Detox Centre visit: Spring Clean Package inclusive Wellness Consultation, Colema Threatment, Fresh coconut water with a probiotic

One Hour Massage (Foot, Oil or Thai)

Lunch in Refuge Restaurant

Fresh Juice or Healthy Mix

Vinyasa Yoga Session in the Studio

Dinner in Refuge Restaurant​

Tuesday - Big Buddha Day

Yin Yoga Session in the Studio


Big Buddha Jungle Trekking

Chalong Temple visit

Lunch at Organic Farm

Fresh Juice or Healthy Mix

Hatha Yoga Session in the Studio

Dinner in Refuge Restaurant

Wednesday - Program A - Thai Cuisine Day

Hatha Yoga Session in the Studio


Fresh Market Tour

Cooking Class in Refuge Restaurant

Lunch & Cooking testing

Energy Healing / Fusion or Yoga Massage

Fresh Juice or Healthy Mix

Outdoor Yoga Session with Acro Yoga

Seafood Dinner (pre-order day before)

Wednesday - Program B - Day on a Desert Island

Hatha Yoga Session in the Studio


Desert Island Tour - Bon Island Tour

Snorkelling, Beach Activities

Picnic style lunch on the beach

Fresh Juice or Healthy Mix

Outdoor Yoga Session with Acro Yoga

Dinner in Refuge Restaurant​


Thursday - 4 Waters Day

Pranayama - Hatha Yoga Session in the Studio


4 Waters Eco Adventure

Mangrove Rivers trekking and kayaking

Rainforest National Park trekking, Waterfall fresh water swimming

Lunch by the Waterfall in Phang-Nga Province

Hotsprings Beach Resort: hot springs water, ice cold water swimming

Sunset Meditation on Natai Beach and swimming in the sea

Fresh Juice or Healthy Mix

Light Dinner in Refuge Restaurant


Friday - View Points Day

Yin Yoga  Session in the Studio


Viewpoints Tour: Kata/Karon View Point, Windmill Viewpoint, Cape Promthep

Black Rock Viewpoint trekking (secret place)* subject on weather conditions

Lunch in Refuge Restaurant

Energy Healing / Fusion or Yoga Massage

Fresh Juice or Healthy Mix

Hatha Flow Yoga Session in the Studio

Dinner in Refuge Restaurant


Saturday - Program A -  SPA Day

Hatha Yoga Session in the Studio


SPA Visit: 2,5 hours Program in award-wining SPA Centre

Lunch in Refuge Restaurant

Fresh Juice or Healthy Mix

Hatha Yoga Session in the Studio

Dinner in Refuge Restaurant


Saturday - Program B -  Elephants Day*


Phuket Elephant Sanctuary Half Day Tour

Vegetarian Lunch at Elephant Sanctuary

Fresh Juice or Healthy Mix

Hatha Yoga Session in the Studio

Dinner in Refuge Restaurant

 *for Program B there is additional fee 1.500,- THB per person

Please note, that PES is non-commercial Project and all the money goes to support injured, tired and old Elephants.


Sunday - Program B -  Cultural Heritage Day

Hatha Yoga Session in the Studio


Fresh Juice or Healthy Mix

Lunch in Refuge Restaurant

Old Town Cultural Heritage Tour

Visit Thai + Burmese Buddist Temple

Phuket City Viewpoint Visit

Dinner in famous Thai Restaurant with City view


Program Details: Our Yoga Retreats are almost entirely inclusive.


CC’s is an oasis for guests seeking a respite from the crowds and noise from the more urban locations as well as those seeking a Yoga Retreat or a Wellness Holiday. Our natural setting combined with CC’s amenities, friendly customer service, and beautifully designed facilities makes it easy to relax and enjoy your vacation. Uniquely decorated rooms and vibrant, fresh colors that are hip and cool. Feature modern accommodations infused with traditional and modern Thai furnishings with magnificent views towards Kata beach and the Andaman Sea. You can choose any of the Room types for your Yoga Retreat.


All meals are included with each package. For meals served at CC’s a selection of fresh fruits will be served and the following beverages are included as well as: coffee, tea, water, and a selection of fruit juices.

Breakfast at CC’s is all you can eat and will be from an ala carte menu or a breakfast buffet. Lunch and dinner can be any two items off our A la Carte Menu, excursion menu or if a buffet is served, it will be all you can eat. We offer our new Vegetarian menu as well. A freshly prepared juice of your choosing will be served each full day of your Yoga Retreat.


Yoga classes are typically offered in our Rooftop Yoga Studio or other nearby beaches and parks unless an excursion is indicated. All the yoga classes include guided asana practice, pranayama, meditation, mantra and chanting. Our Instructors make everyone feel welcome, no matter if first timer or experienced. They always have an eye on the participants and help and support if needed. You can't be reunited with nature more than when doing yoga, watching the sunset and listening to the birds in the Rooftop Studio. 


When you make a booking for your Yoga Retreat with us, you will have option to choose Check-in / Check-out Days with roundtrip Airport Transfer or without. Transportation to all Activities listed in the Program are included, as well as daily hourly Beach Shuttle from 9 am to 11 pm. You will have easy acces to 3 finest Phuket Beaches: Kata Noi (Thailand's Best Beach 2016 by tripadvisor), Kata Yai & Karon Beach.

Eco Adventures

These Adventures are ideal for people who like to hike, enjoy the flora and fauna of the Rainforest or who enjoy breathtaking views. Big Buddha Jungle Trek begins on the slopes of the mountain where Big Buddha sits and takes you to Phuket’s Big Buddha. There you can explore and enjoy the best views in Phuket and get Monk's blessings. 4 Waters Eco Adventure is a special way to see a different side of Phuket and Phang-Nga. This trip takes you off the beaten path away from the touristy areas and you may find your self alone in any one of these exceptional area.  This all inclusive day trip lets you explore different ecosystems from the ocean to waterfalls - mangrove and rainforests.  You can learn about rubber tapping and see fields of pineapples and sample local snacks. You'll have a chance to swim in four kinds of water: fresh water, sea water, hot springs water and ice cold water.


Every Phuket visitor should go for a Day trip to one of the dozens Desert Islands around Phuket. As part of Yoga Retreat Program we offer Bon Island visit.

Visitors may not realise that Phuket has a rich and varied history, although you can't find many signs of this while enjoying the beach. Our exclusive Old Town Tour starts in the evening and lets you discover the historical and cultural heritage that Phuket has to offer. 

CC’s Hideaway kindly supports ethical initiatives and encourage CC’s guests to travel responsibly. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is pioneering ethical elephant tourism on the stunning island of Phuket and we offer Half Day Tour there. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary (PES) offers a retirement home for sick, injured, tired or old elephants who have previously worked hard for tourism entertainment or in the logging industry.

Feed, walk with, and observe elephants as they roam throughout the PES, socialize and bathe in our huge fresh water lagoons, and cover themselves in lovely thick mud.  Transform your world as you step into the tranquility of sanctuary life amidst the beautiful forest bordering the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park.

Classes & Activities

One of the Days of Yoga Retreat offers Thai Cuisine Cooking Class at Refuge Restaurant with Fresh Market Tour. You can learn how to cook famous Tom Yam Soup, Curry and Spring Rolls. During Fresh Market Tour learn and taste all thai herbs, vegetables and spices.

Get the basic Surfing skills while your Yoga Retreat. Surf House Phuket is every surfer’s dream: a place where you can ride the waves every day no matter what the weather conditions.

You always have chocie to try something new: Aerial Yoga, Yoga Combat, Self Devense, Qigong

Detox Day & SPA Day (Optional parts of the program)

Our Detox day and SPA day options are provided in coordination area specialists.  

For the Detox day which includes Colema, the Colema is provided by Santosa Detox and Wellness Center.   If you choose to have a stricter dietary version of Detox Day it can be separately purchased as Our one-day all inclusive DETOX program.  

For the SPA day, you will visit award-winning SPA Center with their distinctive Lanna identity.  According to tradition the personal physician of Buddha brought massage from India to Lanna (Northern Thailand). Thai massage is a part of the Thai medical and spiritual tradition. Famous for combining ancient Thai therapy with the latest discoveries in beauty and wellness, this SPA treatment will have you feeling refreshed and revitalized, relaxed and rejuvenated.

We will make an effort to accommodate any special requests.


Every Full Day of Yoga Retreat costs 4.000,- THB* per person. What is included in each Full Day is listed above. Minimum 2 Full Days of Yoga Retreat Program. 

* this price is valid only if you book your room directly with CC's Hideaway (on our website). If you book your room with online travel agent the price of Full Day Yoga Retreat is 4500,- THB.

Check-in & Check-out Days with roundtrip Airport Transfer costs 4.000,- THB inclusive Retreat Consultation, Dinner on a day of arrival, Breakfast on a day of departure, 2 Yoga Classes, Private roundtrip Airport Transfer, Fresh Squeezed Juices

Check-in & Check-out Days (No Airport Transfer) costs 2.000,- THB inclusive Retreat Consultation, Dinner on a day of arrival, Breakfast on a day of departure, 2 Yoga Classes, Fresh Squeezed Juices

You are free to choose any Room type in CC's Hideaway, all rates are vary depending on a season.

Ideas to reduce the daily cost:

  1. We often have discounts on the room for bookings made 30 or more days in advance
  2. Have a friend split the cost of the room.
  3. We offer discounts on even small groups. 5% for 3-4 persons; 10% for 5-8 persons
  4. We offer discounts on stays longer than 7 nights. 5% for 8 or 9 nights; 10% for 10 or more nights*

In order to arrange Group or Long Stay Discounts, please contact

Example on Yoga Retreat Program Package inclusive Accommodation in Standard Room:

Period 1 Aug - 31 Oct '17 1 Nov - 17. Dec 18 Dec - 10 Jan'18 11 Jan - 15 Feb
Standard Room Single / Double Single / Double   Single / Double
4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS 16.704 / 26.704 20.007 / 30.007 send request 22.677 / 32.677
5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS 22.272 / 36.272 26.676 / 40.676 send request 30.236 / 44.236
6 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS 27.840 / 45.840 33.345 / 51.345 send request 37.795 / 55.795
7 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS 33.408 / 55.408 40.014 / 62.014 send request 45.354 / 67.354
8 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS 38.976 / 64.976 46.683 / 72.683 send request 52.913 / 78.913

Example on Yoga Retreat Program Package inclusive Accommodation in Ocean View Room:

Period 1 Aug - 31 Oct '17 1 Nov - 17. Dec 18 Dec - 10 Jan'18 11 Jan - 15 Feb
Ocean View Room Single / Double Single / Double   Single / Double
4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS 17.466 / 27.466 21.279 / 31.279 send request 24.204 / 34.204
5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS 23.288 / 37.288 28.372 / 42.372 send request 32.272 / 46.272
6 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS 29.110 / 47.110 35.465 / 53.465 send request 40.340 / 58.340
7 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS 34.932 / 56.932 42.558 / 64.558  send request 48.408 / 70.408
8 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS 40.754 / 66.754 49.651 / 75.651 send request 56.476 / 82.476


Our new  and improved Yoga Retreat Program is available from 18. October 2017.



Looking at our weekly retreat schedule Pick the number of FULL days you wish to stay.

Then using the link on our website to BOOK NOW.  

You will need to enter your check-in date and check-out date.  Remember that you need to check in the night before your first FULL day of your retreat and stay until the morning after the last FULL day of your retreat.  This mean you need to book one night more than the number of FULL days you select.

Please then choose your room type selecting ____ Room Yoga Retreat Rate. This will take you to another screen where you can select the number of FULL DAYS of your Yoga Retreat.  Due to system limitations, we need you to do this in 2 parts.  

First select "Check-in Day & Check-out Day" Option. If you require Airport Transfer choose: with roundtrip Airport Tansfer. If you do not require Airport Transfer: choose No Airport Transfer.

For 2 persons, please choose 1 with Airport Transfer and 1 no Airport Transfer.

After choose number of "Full Day Yoga Retreat". For 2 persons: choose Full Days for each person.

After click "Continue Reservation" and provide required information. 

Please write us your preferred Full Yoga Retreat Days, if you would like to skip some of Full Days in "Comments or Requests" section. Please ingnore "Transfer required" tab if you dont need Airport Transfer and fill up your Arrival Details if you require Airport Transfer. If you dont know your Flight Details yet, just write it in your comments.

After you will fill up all Information click CONFIRM BY CREDIT CARD.

You will get instant Confirmation and in 48 hours our Sales Team will contact you with further deatails. 


Special pricing is available to groups of 4 or more on both the retreat and rooms. All other policies and cancellation are here.

For other promotions please 


Address: CC's Hideaway
36 Patak Soi 10, PO Box 18 , Karon Post Office, Karon, Phuket
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